Flutter Crew Attendance to mark realtime attendance using face recogntion

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Crew Attendance application using flutter and python

Features and functionalities

  • Teacher and Student Login
  • Teacher and Student Register
  • Teacher Create Course
  • Teacher Delete Course
  • Teacher Mark Attendance
  • Take class room attendance using face recognition
  • Update Attendance
  • Student enroll in course
  • Teacher and Student update profile
  • MongoDB for database
  • Flutter for Mobile Application
  • Flask python for backend

Tech stack

  • Rest API and backend using Python, Flask
  • Mobile App using flutter
  • MongoDB for database

Installation and Running App

  1. Clone this repo by running the following command :-
 git clone https://github.com/CrewCodeAnku/crew-attendance-nextjs-python-flutter.git
 cd crew-attendance-nextjs-python-flutter
  1. Install the required package :-
 cd mobile-app
 pub get
  1. Change the api url in file lib/util/app_url :-
static const String localBaseURL = "";
  1. Run project :-
flutter run