Deploying react application to firebase

April 06, 2022

In this tutorial iam gonna explain you how you can deploy you react application to firebase

Step 1: Create a Firebase Project

  • Go to and click on Get Started

  • Proceed to click on Create a project.

  • Enter a project name and check yes if you wish to add analytics to your project.

  • Wait for the project to be created.

Step 2: Create react app or move to next step if you have already created one

npx create-react-app firebase-app

Step 3: Deploying to firebase


  • Run below command this will install firebase tool globally

    npm install -g firebase-tools
  • Once firebase tool installed, Go to your react project folder path and run below command

    //this is the command to authenticate firebase cli with firebase you can skip if you have already authenticated
    firebase login
    firebase init
  • After running above command you will see some options to select select the option as described below in screen shot





  • Once above step completed run command
npm run build
firebase deploy